Branding and Sponsorship

Make the virtual exhibition your own by placing different formats of promotional and sponsored material like banners, posters, etc at a place of your choice

Arena Builder App

Assignment of custom graphic for the poster right above the doorways to differentiate them

Arena Builder App

Assignment of verticle poster right next to the doorways that lead to different exhibitor rooms

Arena Builder App

Assignment of horizontal posters on the first floor walkway in Arena

Exhibition Arena

Fully customised arena as seen by the visitors inside the AloExpo

Featured Product

One of the interactive featured products inside the AloExpo Arena

Exhibitor Room

Exhibitor room as viewed from the entrance

Video Poster

Stand video displayed as an interactive wall poster

Exhibitor's Stand

Exhibitor's stand and related promotional material rendered as customised by them in the 'Stand Customiser' companion app

Branding Posters

Horizontal posters inside the dedicated poster room

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