Virtual Arenas

3D immersive environments that serve as a central hub for branding and networking that will make your visitors feel welcome and a part of a real exhibition

Virtual Arena

3D Arena environment from the first floor walkway

Virtual Arena

3D Arena environment from the ground floor

One-to-one Meetings

List of confirmed one-to-one video meetings with exhibitors

Pre-Recorded Seminars

Pre-recorded seminars accessed throught the fullscreen map

Featured Product PDF

Featured product's promotional brochure in the PDF format

Featured Product

Featured product that was highlighted in the arena by the organiser through his dashboard

Product Information

Featured product's detailed information as uploaded by the product owner/exhibitor

Fullscreen Map

Fullscreen map to quicly access different areas of the exhibition in case you get tired of walking everywhere

Fullscreen Map

All of the exhibitor rooms connected to the selected Arena. Clicking on the room's name will bring up the exhibitor list on the right

VIrtual Arena Doorway

Perspective from video breakout area looking at the doorway leading to a specific exhibitor room. To visit the room simply walk up to the doorway

My Event' Panel

A list of all of the products in this exhibition accessed through the 'My Event' button the upper left corner of the screen

Swap Cards

List of cards a visitor receives when they swap card with an exhibitor. This information is also available in the user dashboard and can be exported in various formts

Video Breakout Area

Video breakout area to connect with other visitors in the same breakout area using realtime video conference call

Realtime Chat: On the right

Realtime chat for the current arena, showing all of the exhibitors and their online status. This will also list all of the users present in the same arena

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